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  • Ideal for storage and dispensing
  • The system has a mobility option to make movement in the plant environment safe and easy too
  • Built-in spill protection and patented enclosed sump

    The Mini Racker Stacker™ System consists of the base Racker that will hold two (2) 5-6.5 US gallon metal or plastic lidded pails or cans, or two (2) 5 US gallon or smaller metal or plastic "jerry cans". The Racker module is a vailable in two (2) versions: a "place and use" version (6010-YE) and a mobile version (6011-YE-M) that includes wheels and handle. The Stacker module can be used in conjunction with the Racker to add an extra level of storage, or separately with another containment solution to mix-and-match the user's specific need.

    Description: Mini Racker
    Size: 31" x 29" x 15"

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