At-A-Glance™ Gauge For16 Gallon Drum - 2 Inch NPS <font color="red">Free Shipping</font>

At-A-Glance™ Gauge For16 Gallon Drum - 2 Inch NPS Free Shipping

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At-A-Glance™ Gauge For16 Gallon Drum - 2 Inch NPS Free Shipping

  1. Monitor vertical drum emptying and filling
  2. Easy-to-read calibrations
  3. Choose the model that is chemically compatible with your product
  4. Use with steel or plastic drums

At-A-Glance gauges are the economical choice for measuring the contents of your drums. Leak-proof and reliable, the simple design stays accurate and is built to last. Gauges have a red indicator and black calibrations in gallons, liters, quarters, and eights full. On a yellow background making the gauge easy to read in all weather conditions. Optional High or Low-Level Audible Alarm sounds at a loud 110 dB, operates on a 9V lithium battery.

  • Drum Size: 16 gallon
  • Fits NPS Bung (in.) : 2
  • Rod/Float/Rivets/Bushing : Galvanized steel / HDPE / Brass /Aluminum
  • Wt: 2 lbs.
  • Galvanized steel
  • Mechanical Liquid Level Gauge
  • 16-gallon drum - steel or plastic

  • The 16 Gallon Liquid Level Sensor is an ideal instrument for any application where cheap, fast verification of the level of the container is needed. In a closed system process, it is a perfect tool for facilities using non-transparent plastic drums or plastic containers. To measure liquid quantities, no more opening or weighing of drums.

    Personnel in inventory and quality control will find the Liquid Level Sensor an invaluable tool in their daily operations. The center row of lights turns green and when the liquid level is detected, a sustained beep is made.

    The C-level is best used for plastic containers filled with a liquid of a dielectric constant greater than 5 with a 3/8 inch or less wall thickness. The capacity of a material to store an electrostatic charge is the Dielectric Constant. Any chemical mixed with water enhances the accuracy of detection since water has a dielectric constant of 80.

    Call our Customer Service Experts for assistance at 1.888.460.3786.

    The clean, healthy way to track inventories of liquids

  • Hand-held fluid level indicator Easy-to-use
  • Track dangerous liquids without exposure to petroleum materials or poisonous fumes
  • Gauge the amount of liquid to within one-quarter of an inch
  • 9V battery included automatic cut-off saving power
  • Specifications

    • Capacity 30 Gallon
    • Material Steel
    • Brand Krueger Sentry Gauge Co.

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