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Rain Water Barrels

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Spruce Creek 54 Gallon Rainsaver Rain Water Barrel

Item SC54

List Price: $269.99 This Item Ships For Free!Sale Price: $169.99

  • The Spruce Creek Rainsaver Rain Barrel is made from UV-protected food grade resin
  • The Rainsaver walls are approximately 1/4" thick for increased durability and partially made from recycled pre-consumer material
  • Rain Barrel dimensions: 23 Diameter x 36H inches
  • 54-gallon capacity
  • Approximate weight is 21 lbs.
  • Each rain barrel is fully assembled with spigot, screens, and overflow already attached for easy set-up
  • Brass spigot is located at garden pail or watering can height to allow for comfortable and easy access to water
  • Limited Warranty included for each barrel
  • Choice of Colors:Moss Green or Terra Cotta

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threaded spigot

natural colors

Best for visible locations that demand style

delivered fully assembled

in stock and ready for delivery now...no backorder

safe insect proof

closed top

very high overflow volume

low water access for hose and watering can

very large water storage volume

made in USA

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54 Gallon Rain Saver Water Barrel, Free Shipping!
54 Gallon Wood look Rain Water Barrel<strong><font color="#FF0000"> Free Shipping</font></strong>
54 Gallon Rain Saver Water Barrel, Free Shipping!

8SC54MGRegular price: $208.97Sale Price $149.95
54 Gallon Wood look Rain Water Barrel Free Shipping

8SC54TCRegular price: $208.97Sale Price $149.95

Product Details

For Quality, Function, Design, and Safety the Rainsaver Rain Barrel is Unmatched!

Water Quality, Conservation, and Stormwater Management Plants and vegetation love the warmer, natural soft water provided by Mother Nature. Rain water is fresh, untreated water and does not contain chlorinated or chemical additives which are found in in most municipal water supply's water. Plus, plants and vegetation are more receptive to the water temperature from the barrel rather than colder well water which can be bracing to your vegetation. The Spruce Creek Rainsaver enables the user to gather and draw upon their own replenishable water resources and provides run-off control. Even when your Rainsaver rain barrel exceeds the 54 gallon capacity, the overflow located on the back of the barrel diverts excess rainwater. This excess rainwater can easily be diverted to beds, gardens, or lawns for trickle watering by replacing the included six foot overflow hose with a longer length hose. Simply use a standard sump pump hose (inexpensive and available at most hardware stores) and drill or perforate in desired dispersion areas.

Rainsaver Design, Durability, and Safety Features Each Rainsaver is constructed of sturdy, durable, food-grade UV protected resin and partially recycled pre-consumer material. Food-grade resin contains no residual odor or toxicity from former use and the dark terra cotta color of the rain barrel helps to minimize algae growth. Not only does the terra cotta color help blend your barrel into your landscape the color itself is forged throughout the material rather than applied just to the surface so the appearance and color is maintained longer. The full 1/4" barrel wall thickness lends to the barrels 21 pound weight. The one-piece closed design helps alleve the worry of children, pets, or outside animals getting into the rain barrel. The attached screen also helps to mosquito proof your rain barrel. Every Rainsaver comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Easy Set-Up To set-up your Rainsaver rain barrel, simply cut the existing downspout about 46 inches from the ground, and add a 60 degree elbow to the end. Now just place the rainbarrel so water will land anywhere within the recessed top. Water will collect on the top surface and funnel into the barrel through the screened intake opening. The downspout does not need to be placed directly over the screens, or directly into the barrel (this enables easier set-up, and filters debris from the downspout water).

Spruce Creek Rainsaver Warranty Your Spruce Creek Rainsaver is guaranteed against any manufacturing flaws evident upon purchase or discovered after use. If there are any defects that are the result of manufacturing or shipping to your address, we will replace damaged components or the entire rainsaver. This complete product guarantee remains in effect for 180 days from the purchase of the barrel, and other components of the Rainsaver (not including the barrel body) will be guaranteed for 5 years against any flaw, damage, weather or wear. It is not necessary to take barrels inside during winter freezing, however full barrel freezing in northern climates will cause the greatest stress to the structure and longevity of the rain barrel. Although most rainsavers will experience no damage . . . even when completely filled and completely frozen . . . northern climate owners should partially drain the rain barrel to the upper spigot level during the months of Dec, Jan, & Feb. when extreme expansion of ice will occur.

Dimensions: 23 Diameter x 36H inches Material: UV-Protected Food Grade Resin Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty (See Details above) Brand: Spruce Creek Weight (lbs.): 21 Gallon Capacity: 54

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