Slip-Over Style, Carbon Heat or Cool 55 Gallon Steel Drum

Slip-Over Style, Carbon Heat or Cool 55 Gallon Steel Drum
  • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
  • Use with steam, water, hot oil, heat transfer liquids or refigerant
  • Available in carbon steel or zinc metalized steel

    Heater/Cooler units have embossed channels for steam, hot or cold water, or refrigerant*. All welded 18/16 gauge carbon steel construction with smooth inner panel for efficient heat transfer. Features quick acting toggle clamp for easy installation and removal and an insulated handle for safe handling. A single section unit will heat a 55 gallon steel closed drum from 60 degrees F to 160 degrees F in 4 hours using 150 psig steam. 1/2" IPS (iron pipe size) female inlet and outlet pipe couplings. Multi-section units are supplied already piped together. Hinged-Back Style has a continuous hinge at the back of the unit for easy installation and removal. Slip-Over Style has a continuous jacket that is designed to slip over the top of a container. Expandable opening at one end has a toggle style clamp to secure the unit in place. Drum Cradle Style is available in carbon steel only. It has a heavy steel pipe frame and three half sections of heating/cooling channels. Cradle unit will heat a closed, properly ventilated 55 gallon steel drum of water from 60 degrees F to 160 degrees F in approximately 2 1/2 hous using 150 psig steam. The cradle unit is equipped with a 3/4" MPT (male pipe thread) inlet and outlet. Immersion Style is designed to come in contact with the liquid it is to heat or cool by placing it directly into a 55 gallon drum. 3/4" MPT connections standard on units without hoses. Maximum operating steam pressure without the use of hoses is 250 psig and with 3/4" I.D. x 42" steam hoses, 200 psig working pressure at 380 degrees. Not available in zinc metalized steel. Hoses, if included, are steam hoses made of rubber with wire braid reinforcement. Carbon Steel Models have a light coating of oil on the exterior surface to help prevent rust. Zinc Metalized Steel Models have an exterior zinc coating for more substantial rust prevention. Stainless Steel Models are made of stainless steel platecoil.

    Container Size: 55 gal.
    Description: 1-section
    Weight: 21 lbs.

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