Rollmaster 1000 Striping Machine | Painting Machine

Rollmaster 1000 Striping Machine | Painting Machine

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Quickly rolls on paint to produce warehouse & parking lot lines Uses a long-lasting gallon of acrylic latex traffic paint (purchase separately) Traffic paint available in white, yellow and blue Stock up on replacement rollers when ordering Install a one-gallon can of pavement paint on the unit and you are ready to go. Rolled on latex paint produces solid long lasting 4" wide lines on pavement or warehouse floors. Side-mounted roller pump automatically pulls paint from the can when the handle mounted trigger is squeezed. Simply walk and roll. Disposable roller kits make clean up quick and easy.

The Newstripe RollMaster™ 1000 Line Painting Machine is perfect for warehouses, parking lots and playgrounds. The mechanically driven pump does not touch paint for quick, no hassle clean up. Lightweight and fold-able handle makes it easy to store and transport. -Not for use with fast dry paint

  1. Economical : Get rid of those expensive, clog prone aerosol stripers.
  2. Use the Painting Machine with: economic 1-gallon cans of bulk paint for perfect lines every time. (Not for use with fast dry paint)
  3. Easy to Use : So simple you can do an excellent striping job your first time out.
  4. Foolproof tubing: squeeze pump delivers paint from standard paint can directly to the foam roller. It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  5. Fold-able Handle: The folding handle makes it easy to transport the machine between fields in a car trunk or SUV.
  6. Safe: This line striping machine doesn’t have a hot engine, high-pressure pumps & hoses or explosive aerosol cans.
  7. Quiet & Clean :No engine or compressor noise, harmful fumes or overspray.
  8. Stripe inside or out anytime : day or night Plus, with no overspray, you can stripe within 2 inches of cars, walls or other obstacles.
  9. Fast Clean up : Clean up is quick and easy. Simply rinse roller mandrel and tubes. Rollers can be disposed of after use.


  • RestrictionsNot recommended for extreme fast dry paint, Lacquer base or most 2-part epoxies. Please call factory with questions on specific paints.
  • Drive ModeWalk behind
  • Drive Type Mechanical drive from the rear wheel
  • Steeringn/a
  • Power SourceWheel drove, mechanical
  • Additional featuresFoldable handle with cushioned grips, easy clean up with disposal roller kits, spill-proof design and all welded steel construction
  • Pump Type Peristaltic (roller pump)
  • Pump Pressure/Max VolumeSelf regulating, pump demand matches walking speed, Roller driven
  • Pump BrandNewstripe
  • Spray Gun(s)
  • Tip size/Type
  • Line Width
  • Capacity1 Gallon Paint Can
  • Cleaning Tank
  • Paint TypeOil based, Water-based
  • ControlsHand operated, Handle mounted spray controls
  • Filter n/a
  • ConstructionAll welded steel and industrial grade components
  • Tires - WheelsFour, solid rubber tires, 5" Rear, 2.5" Front, Four, 10", high flotation, flat free tires
  • Dimensions18"w x 30"lx 37"h
  • Ship Weight30lb
  • Warranty18 months
  • RequirementsTraffice Paint
  • Available AccessoriesLeft side extension kit

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Question? Can I use Fast Drying Paint with This Striping Machine By Nancy J.
Answer: No, You must use Traffic Stripping Paint.

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Newstripe RollMaster 1000™

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  Excellent Heavy Duty Stripping Machine, By: ,
This stripping Machine worked Great. We bought the paint and rollers also, No Problems at all. Thanks Baytec
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