Replacement Gasket Fusible IBC Vent Cap

Replacement Gasket Fusible IBC Vent Cap

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his 3 inch, PTFE gasket is used to replace the original gasket on the Fusible IBC Vent Cap (SKU FCSS3). PTFE has excellent insulating properties and can withstand high heat applications and is well known for it's anti-stick properties. PTFE is chemically resistant and is not affected by most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases. It is innately hydrophobic and repels water and water containing substances.

Replacement PTFE gasket Fits 3 inch Fusible IBC Vent Cap

Protect your IBC from dangerous overpressure conditions. Meets UN standards. 316 Stainless Steel. 3" fusible cap melts at fire temperatures, provides 8.295 square inches of venting area. Hydrostatically tested to 75 psig. Supplied with Fluoropolymer gasket. Safety Cable retains plug during filling and draining operations. 14 1/2" cable for convenient attachment to the container.

Description: Replacement FluoropolymerŪ gasket
Wt: 1 oz.

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