Regulatory Approval

Regulatory Approvals In Place

EPA  Approval More Information

  1. EPA bactericidal and fungicidal approval for hard non-porous surfaces in hospitals, laboratories and medical environments.
  2. EPA bactericidal and fungicidal approval for instruments in hospital and dental environments.
  3. EPA bactericidal approval as a dental pumice disinfectant.
  4. EPA approval for a terminal sanitizing rinse for food contact surfaces in food processing plants, such as poultry, fish, meat and in restaurants, dairies, bottling plants and breweries.
  5. EPA approval for disinfection of environmental surfaces such as floor, walls and ceilings in food processing plants, such as poultry, fish, meat, and in restaurants, dairies bottling plants and breweries.
  6. EPA approval for a sanitizing rinse of uncut, unpeeled fruits and vegetables, at 5 ppm followed by a potable with rinse.
  7. EPA approval for disinfection of water systems found aboard aircraft, boats, mobile vehicles, offshore drilling rigs, etc.
  8. EPA approval for treatment of stored potable water, at 5 ppm, for drinking water.
  9. EPA approval for general disinfection and deodorization of animal confinement buildings, such as poultry, swine, barns and kennels.
  10. EPA approval for the disinfection and deodorization of ventilation systems and air conditioning duct work.

FDA Approval More Information

1. Final ruling on FDA indirect food additive petition, published August 12, 1987, listing chlorine dioxide in 21 CFR 178.1010, as an approved compound in food processing plants for all food contact surfaces.

USDA Approval More Information

  1. P-1 approval for bacterial and mold control in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants for environmental, surfaces.
  2. D-2 approval as terminal sanitizing rinse not requiring a water flush on all food contact surfaces found in food processing plants.

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