Teflon Ptfe Rotary Drum Pump

Teflon Ptfe Rotary Drum Pump

Teflon PTFE Rotary Drum Pump - 86005

  • Delivers 6 GPM
  • Handles liquids up to 1,000 cPs
  • Wetted parts made of PTFE Teflon and stainless steel

    Most simple stroke pumps deliver only 1 or 2 gallons per minute. This all Teflon PTFE rotary pump delivers up to 6 GPM with much less effort. Works with strong chemicals such as alkalis, detergents, waxes, certain acids, as well as water based chemicals. It is a self priming pump thatmay also be used as a siphon pump. Position the handle straight down to begin the siphon and stop it by rotating the handle one quarter turn. Fits 2" NPS opening in 15 - 55 gallon drums.


    Description: PTFE Teflon Rotary Pump
    Weight: 4 lbs.


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