WESCO Aluminum Drum Truck <br>Pneumatic Tires With Brake

WESCO Aluminum Drum Truck
Pneumatic Tires With Brake

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Pneumatic Tires, With Brake on this Aluminum Drum Truck
Nose prongs are reversible for use with 30 and 55 gallon drums.
Spring loaded chime hook automatically engages a 30 or 55 gallon drum made of steel, plastic, and fiber, tight-head or open-head drum with locking ring, as long as the drum has a top chime/rim for the chime hook to grab onto.

Two chime hooks available: "Chime Hook: " "SCH-Tight Head Rim" "LCH-Open Head Lever Ring"
Comes with SCH-Tight Head Drums
Choose: SCH: This is a Standard Hook for Closed head steel, fiber and poly drums (SC).
Open Head Drums: Choose - LCH: This is a special order hook for steel, fiber and poly drums with locking rings.

This Model does have wheel brake bands, which are activated by a hand lever.
Front Wheels have Pneumatic Tires 12" diameter x 3.5"
Rear Wheels on all models have 6" diameter x 2" wide polyurethane wheels with 3/4" ball bearings and aluminum hubs that are axle mounted.
Overall dimensions: 60" H x 26" W. Models for handling 85 gallon steel drums with locking rings are available through special order.

Description.: Manual Aluminum Drum Trucks, Pneumatic Tires, With Brakes

  • 700 lb.
  • Wt.:54 lb.
  • Front Wheels: 12" Pneumatic
  • Model: ABT-12-SC-NB
  • Capacity: 1000 lb
  • Wheel: (2) 12" Pneumatic
  • Wheel Rear: (2) 6" Moldon Rubber
  • PE Pneumatic Wheel Weight:60 lb
  • Overall Width: 25"
  • Overall Height: 60"
  • Overall Depth: 18.5"
  • Drum Type Use: Anything with Tight Head Lip/Chime: Steel Drums, Plastic Barrels, Fiber Barrels; Lever Lock Chime Hook Choose LCH Above.
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    Pneumatic Tires With Brake

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    Pneumatic Tires With Brake
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