IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System Containers

IFH Oil Storage and Dispensing System Containers
  • 18 gauge steel tanks with 16 gauge heads
  • Accurate inventory control
  • Self-contained overhead storage of bulk lubricants*. Each 65 gallon container has a liquid level sight gauge. Clear PVC tubing connects containers to the dispensing console. Lockable self-closing faucets. Drip pan under faucets doubles as a convenient shelf for service containers. Built-in transfer pump. Pump operates on 110 volt AC, and delivers 4 – 7 GPM depending on product. Outboard Console models have faucet console mounted at front edge of system for convenient liquid dispensing. Inboard Console models have console mounted at back of system. Containment Pans help you comply with EPA regulation 40 CFR 264.175.

    Console: Inboard
    Dim. H x W x D (in.): 160 x 76 x 32
    Faucet Arrangement: 3 rows of 3
    Floor Space Required (sq. ft.): 19
    No. of Cont.: 9
    Wt.: 940 lbs.

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