Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifter/Wrench

Multi-Purpose Overhead Drum Lifter/Wrench

Item Number# 8PDL800M

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  • Drum lifter for use with a tight-head 30 and 55 gallon drums with a top lip
  • Powder Coat finish on a durable carbon steel construction.

    Mechanical operation. Requires assistance from an overhead lifting device. Minimal assembly required.

    Features:Removable Arms/Wrenches for use on faucets, plugs and lock rim rings bolts
    Acceptable Drum Styles: Rimmed Steel, Plastic, or Fiber
    Lifting Capacity (lbs.): 800
    Wt. (lbs.): 20




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      best universal wrench, By: ,
    We have several bung wrenches around the shop, but this is the only one you need. This tool works great on many drum bungs and to lift the drums out of second containment barrels. I recommend this for every shop.
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