Mica Band Heater 240v 850w 6.00" 1.50" <br><font color="#008000" >Free Shipping</font>

Mica Band Heater 240v 850w 6.00" 1.50"
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Item Number# 8BHBA060-015E

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240v X 850w X 6.00" X 1.50" BriskHeat Mica Band and Nozzle Heaters are manufactured with only the highest quality materials for superior performance and durability.

Choose from over 140 in-stock configurations or tell us what your special requirements are, and we will have it designed and shipped in 2 weeks or less.

  1. High-temperature electrogalvanized steel sheath provides oxidation resistance and extreme durability.
  2. Premium grade mica insulation provides excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures.
  3. Stainless-Steel barrel clamps maintain clamping pressure at elevated temperatures.
  4. Nickel/Chromium resistance wire is evenly wound for uniform heat distribution and reliable accuracy.
  5. Low-Profile designs are approximately 1/8 in (3 mm) thick.
  6. High watt density up to 40 W/in² (6 W/cm²) for high-performance heating in demanding applications.
  7. Maximum operating temperature up to 850°F (454°C).


  • Diameters: 3½-12 in (89-305 mm)
  • Widths: 1-4 in (25-102 mm)
  • Voltages: 120, 240, 480 VAC
  • Watts: Up to 2300 W
  • Construction: One-piece or two-piece design
  • Power Connection: #10-24 Post terminals
  • Clamping Type: Stainless Steel
  • 1pc: Full-length band clamp
  • 2pc: Welded-on clamp

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Mica Band Heater 240v 850w 6.00" 1.50"
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Question: "What is the difference between a Band Heater and a Nozzle Heater?" By Tom J.
Answer: "A nozzle heater is a smaller version of a band heater. Typically, a heater with a diameter of 3 in (76 mm) or less is considered a nozzle heater."
Question: "What is Mica and why is it important? By Joe B.
Answer: "Mica is electric insulation that surrounds the heating elements in-band and nozzle heaters. It provides the dielectric strength needed for demanding applications.
Question: "What are the maximum watt density and operating temperature of a BriskHeat band or nozzle heater? By Jack J.
Answer: "Maximum watt density is 40 W/in² (6 W/cm2) and the maximum operating temperature is 850°F (454°C).
Question: "What 3rd-party approvals do BriskHeat band and nozzle heaters have? By Chris R.
Answer: "By request, BriskHeat band and nozzle heaters can be manufactured to UL Standard UL499 and CE compliance.
Question: "What if the cylinder I need to heat has obstructions? By E. P.
Answer: "BriskHeat band and nozzle heaters can be made with cut-outs, holes, and slots.
Question: "Are all band and nozzle heaters cylindrical-shaped? By Mike M.
Answer: "No. BriskHeat can also supply these heaters in “box” or rectangular shapes.
Question: "Are BriskHeat band and nozzle heaters approved for hazardous locations? By Eliz T.
Answer: "No."

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