Measured Shot Dispenser Pumps

Measured Shot Dispenser Pumps
Measured-shot pumps basically dispense an exact amount of stored item out of a container. They deliver exactly one ounce or two ounces per push.

These dispenser pumps draw liquid directly from jugs, pails or drums – whatever container it is you are using. But likely the small scale containers. The pumps dispense the stored material through an 8' hose or spout. They have a body made from polypropylene and bellows from polyethylene.

The simplest kind of this type of pump is One Ounce Pump.This model fits bottle containers for small dispensing. While the others are designed to accommodate different kinds of materials, still at one or two ounces per push. They come with choices as described below:

• EPDM seals – perfect for detergents: coming with hose or with spout. • Silicone seals – perfect for chlorine: coming with hose or with spout. • Viton seals and hose – perfect for solvents: coming with hose or with spout.

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