Lead In Water Test Kit


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Our simple do-it-yourself test identifies dangerous bacteria in 48 hours.
Shipping is a Flat Ship Rate of 5.75 Each.

PRO-LAB's Kits utilize patented laboratory grade test strips for accuracy and reliability. An optional mail in lab analysis is available, for an additional fee.
The extra fee allows for a more detailed account of the test.
This particular extra lab analysis will indicate the exact accurate test results.

To find out if lead in water is a problem in your home or office, you must conduct a lead in water test.

Lead contaminated water from lead pipes and fixtures contributes to lead poisoning in over 40 million homes.

Every time you drink from the faucet, cook with tap water, or brush your teeth, you may be at risk.

Offers you an accurate analysis to EPA proficiency standards.

Just simply fill the vial with water, and send it to our certified laboratory with the pre-paid postage envelope included in your kit.

Pro-Labs will send you a professionally documented lab report revealing the amount of lead in your water to as little as 1 ppb (EPA Standard is 15 ppb.).

$15.00 Dollar Lab Fee Required For Analysis.

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