Leak Repair Kits

Leak Repair Kits
Nobody wants to have leaks on their drums. But when it happens, an immediate response is needed to handle the matter. You never know what leaks and spills can do to the environment if you don't fix it quickly. To stay safe, you will most probably need these leak repair kits.

First of all, you need the repair kits that address the leak problems effectively and efficiently. These include first response kit to leak and spill like sorbent pads, surface plugs, foam patches and many others. There is also a reusable drum leak patch that handles bigger leak on a 55 gallon drum. The patch is so useful that you can reuse it on other leaking drums by simply cleaning it with soap and water after use. For leaks that happen when dealing with forklift trucks, drum tourniquet is absolutely handy. It holds tightly to the drum, preventing the stored item to escape from the drum while being transported. You can also opt this super practical Epoxy Putty. It offers instant repair to your drum by merely applying it to a crack or leak. Handily packed in 4 oz. tube, this putty could be easily one of your favorite leak response products. Last but not least, we have Plug n' Dike products that address more free-flowing leak problems. These can be applied on dirty or greasy surfaces that they are perfect for emergency leak situations that need fast handling.

Choose one of those that you feel best for your workplace. Should you need any help or recommendation which leak repair kits are the most suitable for you, do not hesitate to email our experienced staff at sales@baytec.net or call 888-460-3786.

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