Inclined Shelf - Drum Chocks DISCONTINUED

Inclined Shelf - Drum Chocks DISCONTINUED
  • Eliminate rolling of horizontally stored drums on shelves or pallets
  • 550 lb. capacity

    These sturdy and durable drum chocks allow you to store your drums horizontally on shelves without rolling. Use two DRCH-1 mini-chocks or single DRCH-2 per drum.

    Inclined models employ front stops to slightly tilt the drum for effective draining and prevent sliding off.

    Fork pocket inclined model also lets you easily move the drum on and off the shelf.

    Molded from recycled polyethylene.

    Description: Inclined shelf chock
    Dim. W x D x H (in.): 15 x 36 x 4
    Qty. Per Set: 1
    Wt. (lbs.): 9




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