IBC Containment & Dispensing Station

IBC Containment & Dispensing Station

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IBC Containment & Dispensing Station

Heavy gauge steel construction Helps comply with EPA, OSHA, and UFC requirements

A 10,000 lb. load capacity allows double stacking of IBC's. Large deck surface has room for additional storage. Three-piece steel grating deck is easily removable and only 29" high. "Convertible" deck allows IBC to be positioned for internal dispensing within sump area. Convenient Pail Holder shelf attaches easily to inside or outside of sump. Includes drain plug at bottom for easy cleaning, and grounding screw.

  • 1 IBC Containment & Dispensing Station
  • Dim. L x W x H (in.): 51 x 76 x 29
  • Sump Capacity (gal.): 400
  • Wt: 625 lb

  • This IBC containment and dispensing station is made of steel and is of the highest caliber. Use an IBC containment and distribution station made of sturdy, thick gauge steel that can hold a 10,000-lb load, allowing IBC tanks to be double stacked, and has a sizable deck surface for extra storage.

    1. 29" H, three-piece, easily removable steel grating deck
    2. Additionally, a "convertible" deck enables the positioning of an IBC for internal dispensing within a sump area.
    3. Pail holding shelf is practical and is simple to install to the interior or outside of the sump.
    4. includes a grounding screw and a drain plug for simple cleaning at the bottom.
    5. contributes to meeting EPA, OSHA, and UFC criteria


    • Capacity 400 Gallon
    • Load Cap. 10000 lbs
    • Color Black, Gray
    • Material Steel
    • Length 51"
    • Width 76"
    • Height 29"
    • Weight 625 lbs
    • Standards EPA Compliant, OSHA Compliant, UFC Compliant

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    Q & A's

    Questions & Answers about IBC Containment & Dispensing Station

    Question: Can this containment station be used outdoors? - Samantha P.
    Answer: The IBC Containment & Dispensing Station is designed for industrial use; however, it is not specifically designed for outdoor use. It is essential to protect it from direct exposure to the elements to ensure longevity and proper functioning.
    Question: What is the maximum size IBC that can be used with this station? - Gregory L.
    Answer: The IBC Containment & Dispensing Station is designed to accommodate IBCs with a maximum size of 51" L x 76" W. Ensure that your IBCs meet these dimensions for proper fit and functionality.
    Question: Can the dispensing station be customized for specific IBC configurations? - Karen B.
    Answer: The IBC Containment & Dispensing Station comes with a standard design that accommodates most IBCs. However, it is essential to consult the manufacturer for any specific customization requests or requirements.
    Question: Is it possible to connect multiple IBC Containment & Dispensing Stations together for expanded capacity? - Michael D.
    Answer: The IBC Containment & Dispensing Station is designed as a standalone unit. It is not specifically designed to be connected with other units. However, you may consider placing multiple units side by side in your facility for increased capacity, while maintaining proper spacing and safety requirements.
    Question: How difficult is the assembly process for the IBC Containment & Dispensing Station? - Denise S.
    Answer: The IBC Containment & Dispensing Station is designed for easy assembly, with a three-piece removable steel grating deck and simple pail holder shelf installation. However, it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines during assembly.

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