Wrench for 70 mm Screwcaps

 Wrench for 70 mm Screwcaps
Perfect Screw Cap Wrench for 70mm Screw Caps

This wrench is Handy and compact. I

Installs and removes 70 mm screw caps on jugs and bucket lids.

Notched screw cap wrench fits snugly over the fins on Rieke® or Hedwin® caps or both brands of screw caps, depending on the style selected (see descriptions in the table below).

Rieke® or Hedwin® 70 mm screwcaps are somewhat different in the number of the cap fins and the spacing between them.

Your Choice of wrench type material including cast aluminum or molded glass-filled nylon.

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s closing instructions for any container being sealed in compliance with the container manufacturer’s torque requirements,and Federal Regulations.

This is the Right tool to open and close you 70mm caps.

º This screw cap wrench is

º Lightweight

º Non sparking

º corrosion-resistant
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