How To Use Oxygen Absorbers

How To Use Oxygen Absorbers
Your oxygen absorbers come in a vacuum sealed bag so that the activity of the absorber does not have a chance to work on any oxygen before you are ready to use them.

We also have available an oxygen bag clip which will allow you to store the oxygen absorber packets without having to worry about them being exposed to the oxygen in the air. This clip can also be used to keep any type of bag extremely airtight.

There are two types of oxygen absorbers:

a. The types that we most commonly use that you have seen is beige. It turns a bluish/green tint when the maximum moisture level has been reached. Blue/green is bad. Beige or white is good. See the following example:

Good tablet GOOD

Bad tablet BAD

b. There is another type which is a bright pink when good. When this type goes bad, it turns a deep dark blue. This is the type that is show below:

Good tablet GOOD

Bad tablet BAD

When packaging food for long-term storage, it would be most optimum for you to use the entire contents of one sealed vacuum packet bag within 30 to 60 minutes.

We realize that this is not always possible. We suggest that the following preliminary steps be followed to ensure you are getting the most out of your products.

Before you open your bag of oxygen absorbers:

1. Assemble your containers of food and fill them with your food product.

2. If you need to determine the volume of your container, do this now. (How To Measure Volume of Containers).

3. Once you have the volume of your containers, you will know what size of oxygen absorber to use and how many absorbers you will need for the session.

4. Determine how many absorbers you will need for this session. Note: Different sizes of absorbers come in different quantities of absorbers per bag. You will need to know how many absorbers are in the bag you will be using.

5. Prepare a clean, small seal-able jar to store the absorbers you will not be needing for this packaging session.

6. Now open your bag of absorbers and count out how many absorbers you will not be needing. Place these in your seal able jar and tighten the lid.

TIP: If your jar is a little too large, after placing your absorbers in the jar, pour a food product such as a small grain over your absorbers, to fill the jar. This will reduce the residual air volume in the jar, and will minimize the amount of oxygen your absorbers will be working on.

7. Place your oxygen absorbers in the prepared food containers

8. Seal your containers within 30 minutes
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