Fiber Drum | Cardboard Barrels | Open Head | Free Shipping

Fiber Drum | Cardboard Barrels | Open Head | Free Shipping
Cardboard Barrels and Drums Have a technical name of fiber drums or fibre drums and Barrels. Sizes and varieties are available to include the 75 gallons, 55 gallons, 41 gallons, 30 gallons, 20 gallons, 19 gallons, 15 gallons, and 10-gallon sizes. Cardboard Barrels or Fiber Drums are a very heavy duty and light in weight and easily opened, a tamper-evident seal has been added for your protection. Several lids and covers are available such as Steel, fiber, or plastic. Some Drums also have a steel lever locking ring closure. Our Cardboard Drums and Barrels are available in several different diameters and heights and Fluorescent Lamp recycling barrels and tubes are also available.

Greif Lok-RimŪ Fiber Drum, Plastic Lid Open Head,
Free Shipping Cardboard Drums and Cardboard Barrels
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  • Available Sizes: 30 or 55 Gallon.
  • Plastic tops with metal chime around the top and bottom edges.
  • Straight Side Fiber Walls.
  • Perfect for Solids, Pastes, Solids, or Granules.
  • UN Rated for DOT Transportation of Goods.
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