Engine or Ground Heating Blanket 4' x 5'

Engine or Ground Heating Blanket 4' x 5'
The 4x5 ft. ExtraHot SuperDuty is PowerBlanket's portable, energy efficient answer to thawing ground, melting ice and snow and warming work areas. The radiant heat technology keeps the PowerBlanket cool to the touch so you can even stand on it to prevent chills and reduce muscle fatigue.


Size | 4x5 feet

Min allowable temp for Guaranteed Results | -40°

Voltage | 120 volts

Power | 400 watts

Current | 3.33 amps

Max per 20amp plug | 8 blankets

Coverage per 20amp plug | 160 square feet

Overnight thaw depth | 18 inches


boot heater | boot dryer | work area heater | hose heater | hot tub mat | thaw ground around spot footings
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