Enpac Multi-Purpose Ramp Outdoor Storage

Enpac Multi-Purpose Ramp Outdoor Storage

Item Number# 8MR5111

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  • Holds up to eight drums
  • Keep hazardous materials outside of your plant
  • 100% polyethylene resists UV, weather, chemicals
  • This easy-to-use storage building lets you store drums on pallets safely outside, away from your shop floor. One-piece lockable, leakproof unit is made from extra durable UV-resistant polyethylene; won't rust or corrode. Twin double-wall doors swing wide to accept drums on standard 48" x 48" pallets, plus room for a worker along side the drums. Built-in 75 gallon sump contains spills and leaks. Three structural foam grates support 8000 lbs. UDL, are removable for easy access to sump area. Molded-in vents eliminate fumes and condensation build-up.

    Multi-Purpose Ramp makes loading individual drums much easier. All polyethylene ramp is lightweight and easy to handle, attaches quickly to door opening. Meets EPA 40 CFR 264.175.

    Description: Multi-Purpose Ramp
    Exterior L x W x H (in.): 27 x 48 x 6
    Wt: 30 lbs.

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