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5 Gallon Bucket or Pail Seat Free Shipping

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5 Gallon Bucket or Pail Seat Free Shipping

This Easyseat® 5 Gallon Bucket Seat Lid is handy because it has a dual purpose as a lid on a bucket and a seat! Will fit 3.5,5,6,&7 Gallon Plastic Buckets< Great for:
  • Deer Hunting Season
  • Fishing Season
  • Baseball Bucket Seat
  • Kid Seat
  • Gardening Seat
  • Construction Tool Bucket Seat

  • This lid/seat offers sturdy protection for tool storage in a 12" diameter bucket, and also serves as a handy seat.
    Once placed atop a bucket it is high enough to be off the ground and low enough to have accessibility to those pesky hard to reach places.
    Many also use these to put on 5 gallon buckets used for bait buckets, which give them the option to sit while fishing!

    Description: Black 12" Diameter Lid/Seat
    Materials: High Density Polyethylene (Food Grade Plastic)
    Use: Fits atop a 3.5, 5, 6 and 7 Gallon Buckets
    Weight: 1.25 lb


    Available Colors 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket & Pails

    5 Gallon Camo


    5 Gallon White Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Red Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Blue Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Green Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Yellow Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Gray Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Black Plastic Bucket


    5 Gallon Orange Plastic Bucket


    Q & A's

    Questions & Answers about 5 Gallon Bucket or Pail Seat Free Shipping

    Question: I'm replacing the Gamma Seal Lid on my dog food container. Is this the same lid or is there a different one for your dog food containers?
    No. 1... Same one if it is a 5-gallon container. Bill R. heckler on January 8, 2015,
    No. 2... Yes, it fits my dog food containers. It doesn't seem to be a brittle as the original lids. By Ben on January 7, 2015,
    No. 3... It's great I'm using it for human dry food storage By Jim N. on January 8, 2015
    Question: My O-ring broke, how/where can I get a replacement
    No. 1... I had the same problem. The O-Ring is the weak point in this system. The only solution I could find was to buy a completely new lid from Gamma Seal. The seam to have the best pricing, at least for the retail customer. By James M. on February 24, 2016,
    No. 2...You can contact our US to see about ordering a new gasket-seal. Contact BayTec Container 800.560.2334 By Bubbs Restaurant on February 12, 2016,
    No. 3... That was my problem. I couldn't find just the O-ring, which was all I wanted. I tried with the manufacturer, but ended up down a black hole and could not. Perhaps a call directly to them would be more helpful. By JL on February 12, 2016
    Question: Does this lid require a bucket with threads?
    No. 1... No, standard 5 gals. a pail is all that is needed. Lid snaps on. Won't come off. By JW Sims on April 29, 2017,
    No. 2...No, you can use this lid on most 5 and 6-gallon buckets By Bacliff ISD on April 29, 2017,
    No. 3...No, the threads are in the ring portion of the lid. Check out Youtube for video. By Tom S,. on April 29, 2017
    Question: I would like to replace the white o-ring on the lid, not the black o-ring on the ring where do I get that?
    Answer: No. 1... I replaced both parts of the lid as both parts were in the assembly and they worked perfectly although removing the lower part that fits on the container was a bit stubborn 🙂 By O.K. on April 2, 2017,
    Question: Are Lids Available For This Bucket? By Ben J.
    Answer: Yes, Many Colors and Also Gamma Seal Lids.
    Question: Can I Store Food In These Buckets? By Mary F.
    Answer: Yes, Beans, Rice, Flour, Corn, Or whatever food you want to store.

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