2 x 3-drum horizontal  96 x 36 x 96  6 Drum Containment Rack Systems Flexible Storage

6-Drum Capacity Rack & Sump - OSHA Approved Safety Design

Item Number# 8K34-11077

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"Versatile Spill-Containment Rack & Sump - OSHA & EPA Compliant"

Drum Rack with Spill Containment Sump - 6 Drum Horizontal Capacity - 2 Levels - Galvanized

Rack & Sumps are revolutionizing storage and spill containment with their innovative, customizable designs. Whether for industrial warehouses or private workshops, these robust storage solutions promise a combination of adaptability, durability, and compliance with regulatory standards...

At the heart of the Rack & Sump system lies its multifaceted configurability. The beams, adjustable in precise 2-inch increments, allow for a highly personalized setup, tailored to the specific dimensions and weight requirements of stored materials. This flexibility ensures that space is utilized efficiently, without compromising on safety or accessibility...

  • Rack & Sumps can be combined in a multitude of configurations
  • Beams are adjustable in 2-inch increments to suit your needs
  • Spill Containment Sumps are sized to comply with OSHA and EPA requirements
  • Racking components are selected for proper load capacities
  • Sumps are galvanized to maintain a like-new appearance while resisting corrosion
  • Rack components are powder coated enamel SPCC Compliant
  • Shipped knocked down and assembled in minutes
  • All sumps are available with drain
  • Racks comply with ANSI/RMI MH16.1. R-Mark Certification Support and documentation (calculations) can be requested at time of order

  • Safety is paramount, and these systems are meticulously designed to align with stringent OSHA and EPA regulations. The spill containment sumps are expertly sized to handle unexpected leaks, containing spills and preventing workplace accidents. By containing potential spills, the sumps protect not just the workforce but also the environment from hazardous material leaks...

    Each component is selected for its load-bearing capabilities, ensuring a reliable and stable structure that can hold significant weights with ease. The sumps are galvanized, a process that imbues them with resistance to corrosion, ensuring they retain their functionality and aesthetic appeal over time. Similarly, the rack components receive a powder-coated enamel finish, which not only enhances their durability against wear and tear but also adds a professional, clean look to the storage system...

    The systems are proudly SPCC compliant, indicating a commitment to preventing oil spills and other hazardous substances from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines. Every unit is shipped knocked down, enabling cost-effective transportation and a surprisingly swift assembly process that can be completed within minutes—no need for lengthy downtimes or complex setup procedures...

    For added convenience, all sumps come with an optional drain, simplifying maintenance and cleaning processes. Compliance with ANSI/RMI MH16.1 and R-Mark Certification further validates the structural integrity and safety of the racks, with support and documentation available upon request during ordering...

      Key Features :
    • Customizable configurations for versatile storage solutions
    • Adjustable beams for a personalized setup
    • Spill containment sumps for safety and regulatory compliance
    • Durable materials with galvanized and powder-coated finishes
    • SPCC compliant and ANSI/RMI certified for environmental and safety assurance
    • Effortless assembly and optional drain for easy maintenance

    Additional Product Description:
    Rack & Sumps stand at the forefront of industrial safety and efficiency. Built to keep pace with dynamic business needs, these storage systems offer a perfect blend of modularity and strength. They embody a no-compromise approach to quality, reflecting in every adjustable beam and galvanized sump.

    Beyond the fundamental features, the system's adaptability shines through its ability to support a six-drum horizontal storage capacity, catering to a variety of storage needs. The total load capacity of 2,200 lbs is a testament to its robust construction, ensuring that even heavy industrial materials can be stored securely.

    These units are not just practical but also conscious of environmental responsibilities, embodying the principles of the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) rule. By ensuring that each sump complies with these regulations, Rack & Sumps offer businesses the peace of mind that comes with environmental stewardship and the avoidance of regulatory penalties.

    The ease of assembly is a boon for businesses looking to minimize downtime. The systems are designed for quick setup, allowing operations to resume without delay. This user-friendly approach extends to maintenance as well; galvanized steel sumps resist rust and decay, and the optional drain feature ensures that any spills can be addressed promptly and effectively.

    With a commitment to safety, flexibility, and environmental protection, Rack & Sumps provide a reliable storage and containment solution that meets the demanding needs of modern businesses.

    Note: Bucket and valve in image not included.

      Technical Description:
    1. Regulations Compliance: SPCC, OSHA, NFPA
    2. Sump Capacity: 66 gallons (recommended)
    3. Dimensions: 54"W x 36"D x 96"H
    4. Total Load Capacity: 2,200 lbs
    5. Material: Steel, with galvanized spill pallet
    6. Storage: 6 drum horizontal capacity
    7. Note: Bucket and valve in image not included.


    • Regulations Compliance: SPCC, OSHA, NFPA
    • Regulations and Compliance SPCC|OSHA|NFPA
    • Sump Capacity [gal] 82
    • External Width [in] 96
    • Exterior Depth [in] 36
    • External Height [in] 96
    • Total Load Capacity [lbs] 2200
    • Material Steel
    • Storage Capacity 6 drum horizontal
    • Spill pallet material Galvanized Steel
    • Shipping Length [in] 96
    • Shipping Width [in] 54
    • Shipping Height [in] 20
    • Shipping Weight [lbs] 710

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    Q & A's

    Questions & Answers about 2 x 3-drum horizontal 96 x 36 x 96 6 Drum Containment Rack Systems Flexible Storage

    Question: How does the Rack & Sump system align with environmental regulations? By Alex G.
    Answer: Complies with SPCC, ensuring environmental safety.
    Question: Can the Rack & Sump units be customized for different storage requirements? By Maria K.
    Answer: Yes, beams adjust in 2-inch increments for versatility.
    Question: What is the total weight capacity of the Rack & Sump system? By John D.
    Answer: The system can safely hold up to 2,200 lbs.
    Question: How resistant are the Rack & Sump systems to corrosion? By Olivia T.
    Answer: Sumps are galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance.
    Question: Is the Rack & Sump system easy to assemble? By Ethan P.
    Answer: Yes, it's designed for quick and easy assembly.
    Question: Are Rack & Sump systems compliant with OSHA standards? By Sophia L.
    Answer: Absolutely, they meet all OSHA requirements for safety.
    Question: What is the material used for the spill containment sumps? By Liam F.
    Answer: The sumps are made of durable galvanized steel.
    Question: Can I request documentation for the Rack & Sump system? By Ava B.
    Answer: Yes, support and calculations available upon order.

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