Drum Rack with Spill Containment Sump - 6 Drum Horizontal - 6 Drum Vertical - 3 Levels  96 x 36 x 96  12 Drum Containment Rack Systems

Drum Rack with Spill Containment Sump - 6 Drum Horizontal - 6 Drum Vertical - 3 Levels 96 x 36 x 96 12 Drum Containment Rack Systems

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Configurable 6-Drum Rack & Sump System - OSHA/EPA Compliant

The Rack & Sump system is an exemplary model of functional and flexible industrial storage design. This system allows businesses to combine sumps and racks in an extensive array of configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for any operational need. With beams adjustable in 2-inch increments, it accommodates varying sizes and types of items, allowing for tailored storage solutions that can evolve with your business...

Compliance with safety and environmental regulations is not optional in today's industry, and the Rack & Sump system stands up to the challenge. The spill containment sumps are crafted to meet both OSHA and EPA standards, ensuring workplace safety and environmental protection. This adherence to regulation is complemented by the system's SPCC compliance, which underlines its role in preventing oil spills that could harm navigable waters and shorelines...

Durability is also a hallmark of the Rack & Sump system. The sumps are galvanized to resist corrosion effectively, preserving their structural integrity and appearance over time. Moreover, the rack components boast a powder-coated enamel finish, which not only adds to the system's longevity but also ensures it remains a visually appealing aspect of your facility...

The Rack & Sump system's design is as practical as it is robust. It ships knocked down to reduce shipping costs and is engineered for swift and straightforward assembly. This means less downtime for your operations and a quicker return to productivity. Each sump includes a drain, which simplifies maintenance and enhances operational cleanliness...

Certification and support documentation are integral to the system's offering. The racks meet the stringent ANSI/RMI MH16.1 standards and come with the option to request R-Mark Certification support and calculations at the time of order, providing an additional layer of assurance in the system's quality and safety...

    Key Features:
  • Flexible configurations to meet diverse storage needs
  • Beams adjustable in 2-inch increments for custom setup
  • Spill containment sumps sized for OSHA/EPA compliance
  • Proper load capacity assured by selectively chosen racking components
  • Galvanized sumps and powder-coated racks for durability
  • Quick assembly from shipped knocked down state

Additional Product Description:
Enhance your facility's storage capability with the Rack & Sump system, designed for both versatility and compliance. This solution is tailored to support six horizontal drums, optimizing space while ensuring safety. The sumps, made from galvanized steel, offer exceptional protection against spills and leaks, further safeguarded by a generous 82-gallon capacity.

Measuring 96 inches in width, depth, and height, the Rack & Sump system makes an imposing presence that is matched by its 2,200-pound total load capacity. Constructed from high-grade steel, it promises enduring performance even in the most demanding of environments.

Every element of this system is thoughtfully considered, from the spill pallet material to the ease of transport. With shipping dimensions meticulously planned to minimize freight costs, the system's efficiency begins even before assembly. Once on site, it transforms from its compact shipped state to full operational stature in mere minutes, a testament to its thoughtful engineering.

With the Rack & Sump system, you receive more than just a product; you get a commitment to excellence and support for your business's operational needs.

    Technical Description:
  1. Compliance: SPCC, OSHA, NFPA certified
  2. Sump Capacity: 82 gallons
  3. External Dimensions: 96"W x 36"D x 96"H
  4. Total Load Capacity: 2,200 lbs
  5. Material: Steel construction
  6. Storage Capacity: 6 drum horizontal


  • Regulations and Compliance SPCC|OSHA|NFPA
  • Sump Capacity [gal] 82
  • External Width [in] 96
  • Exterior Depth [in] 36
  • External Height [in] 96
  • Total Load Capacity [lbs] 2200
  • Material Steel
  • Storage Capacity 6 drum horizontal 6 drum Vertical
  • Shipping Width [in] 54
  • Shipping Height [in] 20
  • Shipping Weight [lbs] 710

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Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Drum Rack with Spill Containment Sump - 6 Drum Horizontal - 6 Drum Vertical - 3 Levels 96 x 36 x 96 12 Drum Containment Rack Systems

Question: How does the Drum Rack system comply with environmental regulations? By Mike C.
Answer: Meets EPA 40 CFR 264.175 spill containment rules.
Question: Is the Drum Rack system adaptable for different drum orientations? By Anna H.
Answer: Yes, for vertical, horizontal, or mixed storage configurations.
Question: What materials are used in the construction of the Drum Rack system? By Tom B.
Answer: It's made from all steel with a corrosion-resistant finish.
Question: Can the Drum Rack be expanded or reconfigured? By Sarah J.
Answer: Absolutely, it features a completely modular design.
Question: Does the Drum Rack include a sump grate? By Derek W.
Answer: No, it’s an optional feature for horizontal storage.
Question: How does the Roller Cradle feature benefit the Drum Rack system? By Olivia R.
Answer: It allows easy drum positioning and rotation for dispensing.
Question: What environmental regulations does the Drum Rack's sump meet? By Ethan K.
Answer: It complies with EPA 40 CFR 264.175 requirements.
Question: Is the Drum Rack easy to assemble? By Mia L.
Answer: Yes, it’s designed for quick assembly with shipped knocked-down.

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