Power Blanket Drum Heaters

Power Blanket Drum Heaters
Operates on only 120 Volts and for as little as .25¢ a day! Waterproof & extremely durable!

power blanket ® barrel and bucket heaters are a step above the competition in safety, performance, and safety. The Power Blanket ® wraps around the entire outer surface creating a fast , even, consistent heating. This eliminates the need to adjust heaters and stir materials. The Power Blanket ® built in thermostat maintains desired temps, between 50 degrees- 160 degrees F. Leave plugged in year round and eliminate any worries of under or over heating your material. You can plug together up to 5 barrel powerblanket® and 20 5 gallon bucket powerblanket® on 1 20 amp plug. The 2’x2’ can be used on top or bottom to bring material to temperature ever faster. power blanket ® tote heaters are costume made per customers request. See the pricing sheet for more information on these products.


* Heat metal & plastic drums quickly * Easy wrap blanket connects in seconds * Protect delicate materials from freezing * Warm paints, food, oils, water, chemicals * Only pennies a day to operate!

Heat Barrels & Drums

Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and big bulky warming ovens. powerblanket takes the hassle out of heating and warming your drums and barrels. Power Blankets can be ordered with built-in thermostats of 90°, 110°, 130°,160° or 180° and offer adjustable bungy straps to ensure proper fit for larger and smaller 55 gallon drums. Our thermostats will ensure you never over or under heat your materials again. Each barrel-blanket heater has a 6 foot male & female cord allowing 4 blankets to be plugged together on a single 20 amp outlet.

power blankets patented heat spreading technology has been engineered to bring your barrel materials to optimal temperatures safely and all for only pennies a day. powerblanket heaters available in 5,15,30, and 55 Gallon sizes. Power Blanket Custom sizes available upon request. Special orders don't upset us.

Standard sizes:


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