Ground Heating Blankets

Thaw Ground, Cure Concrete, Melt Ice & Snow, Heat Barrels & Drums, Thaw Gravesites, Heat Mason Materials & Construction Equipment, Warm Engines, & 101 Other Uses. Never Let Cold Weather Slow You Down Again! 120V Outdoor Blankets Keep You Working All Winter Long. GET THE CURE...

The Power Blanket thaws ground fast. Thaw up to 18 inches of frozen ground overnight. Thaw frozen ground & pipes, melt ice & snow, warm and heat soil & construction materials quickly. PowerBlanket thawers are engineered for cold weather applications. Guaranteed to work the first time. Keep working in cold weather all winter long. Never let freezing temperatures slow you down again. Power Blanket construction thawing equipment. Both Super Duty & Extra Hot thawing models available.

Power Blanket Info Sheet

Power Blanket Spec Sheet

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