RAIN WATER HARVESTING - downspout diverter . It Installs in minutes and Deactivates in winter in seconds.

The Rain Barrel Downspout Diverter literally takes all the work out of collecting rain water.

Create an awareness for the need to protect & conserve fresh water by making it easy and inexpensive to collect rain water

The Garden Water Saver Downspout Diverter is an automatic rainwater collection system has advantages over other rain water collecting systems. For example: any container that can hold water can become a water reservoir, containers can be hidden or placed in low visibility locations, can be deactivated in seconds during winter or when stored water is not needed. As containers are hidden extra ones can be added (linked) or filled by simply moving a hose.

Two Sizes Available

Standard 2x3 Garden WaterSaver Downspout Gutter

Oversize 3x4 Garden WaterSaver Downspout Gutter

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