Combination IBC Fill Port Cap Wrench 6inch

Combination IBC Fill Port Cap Wrench 6inch
Note: Does Nto Fit Mauser Caps
  • Fits popular IBC fill port caps
  • Also opens most 2" and 3/4" bungs
  • All welded steel construction for durability
  • Don't struggle with awkward cap tightening methods. Combination wrench tightens and loosens IBC caps and the vertical cap grabber ends double as wrenches for 2" and ¾" plugs. Use with a ¾" socket and torque wrench to comply with DOT closing requirements for the IBC fill port cap.

    Be sure to follow the manufacturer's closing instructions to be in compliance with the container supplier's torque requirements.

    Description: 6" IBC combination wrench
    Wt:3.2 lb.

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