CleanSorb Plus 95 Gallon Spill Response Kits

CleanSorb Plus 95 Gallon Spill Response Kits

Item Number# 8SK95CSP

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  • Absorbs over 80 gallons of spilled liquid
  • Complete with 95-gallon poly overpack drum
  • All kits include protective equipment for two workers
  • Economical Refill Kits let you buy just what you need
  • You need to control spills fast. With Baytec FIRST RESPONSE™ Spill Kits, you’re ready! The difference between a minor incident and a major environmental disaster can hinge on your choice of first-response™ materials and the speed of your response.

    What will you do when a spill occurs? All Baytec First Response™ Spill Kits come pre-packed with ready-to-use sorbents. They give you more of everything you need to respond fast!

    CleanSorb™ Spill Kits are ideal for non-aggressive liquids like oils, coolants, water-based chemicals. 100% recycled cellulose sorbent soaks up to 23 times its weight in liquids. Incinerates easily with low ash residue.

    REFILL KITS, have economic individual kit components available.

    FIRST RESPONSE™ Spill Kits Are Your Best Value. Convenient – All kits are packed in easy-to-handle storage and shipping containers. Efficient – Each kit is packed with high efficiency sorbents. They absorb 20% more liquid with the same volume of sorbent.

    Description: CleanSorb Plus spill kit
    Wt: 195 lbs.

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