Cartridge Heaters 120v 500w 0.50 4.00 <br><font color="#008000" >Free Shipping</font>

Cartridge Heaters 120v 500w 0.50 4.00
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Item Number# 8BHHR50040T

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120v | 500w | 0.50 in (13 mm) | 4.00 in (102 mm) BriskHeat cartridge heaters are made of high quality stainless steel, supplied with 10-in (254 mm) fiberglass leads, and designed for applications where high operating temperatures or heavy vibrations may be present.

These durable cartridge heaters are swaged for greater thermal conductitivity, making them very efficient. There are many standard sizes available for immediate delivery with sheath lengths from 1 inch (25 mm) all the way up to 24 inches (610 mm), with diameters ranging from as small as 0.25 in (6 mm) all the way up to 0.78 in (19.8 mm.)

If you do not see a size or configuration that fits your application, contact us for other available options.


  • TIG-Welded End Disc: To prevent contamination and moisture absorption. 
  • 304 Stainless-Steel Sheath: For oxidation resistance in a wide variety of environments.  
  • High-Purity Magnesium Oxide Fill: For maximum dielectric strength and thermal conductivity. Highly compacted for maximum heat transfer.  
  • Nickel-Chromium Resistance Wire: For maximum heater life, and evenly wound for even heat distribution.  
  • High-Impact Ceramic Cap:Retards contamination and is suitable for high vibration applications. Deep holes in cap prevent fraying of leads when bent. 
  • High-Temperature DuraFlex 550 Lead Wires: Max exposure up to 1,022° F (550° C). 

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Cartridge Heaters 120v 500w 0.50 4.00
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Question: "How Long Will My Cartridge Heater Last"? Jane T,
Answer: "There is no standard heater life in the industry. The life of your heater is affected by several things such as: -Application -Application Temperature -Watt Density -Cycling -Hole Fit -Contamination
Question: "How Can We Extend the Life of Our Cartridge Heater?" Billy J.
Answer: "The number one cause of heater failure is contamination. When foreign substances enter the heater and carbonize, this causes arcing and failure inside the heater. If the temperature or other circumstances prevent you from using an end seal, avoid substances that could enter the heater at the lead entrance. Heat transfer compounds, especially grease-based ones, are a common source of contamination. Wrapping tape around the lead wires is another common source of contamination as the adhesive melts and runs down into the heater. Remember, any organic or carbon-based product has the potential to cause contamination. Excessive cycling is the next most common cause of failure. Avoid excessive cycling by properly sizing your heater and not using more wattage than necessary. Solid-state controllers are also easier on the heaters than simple on-off controllers."
Question: "What is the Maximum Temperature for Our Cartridge Heater? " Tonia C.
Answer: "Maximum exposure temperature is 1022° F (550° C)."

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