HotBelt™ Refrigerant Jug Warmer
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HotBelt™ Refrigerant Jug Warmer <br><font color="#008000"  >Free Shipping</font>
BriskHeat HotBelt™ Wrap-Around Refrigerant Tank & Jug Warmer The first BriskHeat product designed specifically for HCAVR professionals! The ideal solution for pre-heating and keeping refrigerant jugs warm when servicing HVACR systems in cold environments. The HotBelt provides increased efficiency by speeding up service times and reducing wasted refrigerant materials. The adjustable strap allows for a hook and loop to fit several size jugs.

The HotBelt warmer is designed to quickly elevate and maintain surface temperature at approximately 120°F (49°C). As a result, the refrigerant within the cylinder is warmed to a safe and optimal temperature for servicing; reducing waste and providing efficiency. Stop using hot water and heat your Refrigerant jugs with BriskHeat HotBelt today!
  1. PreHeat and warm refrigerant jugs to speed up charging
  2. Ensure adequate cylinder pressure for servicing A/C or refrigeration systems
  3. Ideal for portable field service use
  4. Built-in preset thermostat for easy plug-and-play use
  5. Exceptional flexibility, durability, and heat uniformity
  6. Rapid heat-up and thermal response
  7. Adjustable fit design with hook & loop strap: fits most 30lb, 50lb, and 125lb jugs
  8. Safe for R-410A, R-407C, R134a, R-22, and more
  9. Moisture and chemical resistant
  10. Grounded for safety
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