Air Motor - 5 Gallon Pail Batch Mixer

Heavy-Duty Lab Mixer - 3/4 HP Air Motor, 0-110 RPM, Quiet & Portable

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Versatile 5-Gallon Mixer for Labs & Construction – High-Efficiency Design

The Professional-Grade Mixer, designed to handle everything from adhesives to powders and slurries. This versatile tool is the perfect addition to any laboratory, school, or construction site, offering unmatched functionality and ease of use...

Crafted with precision, the Professional-Grade Mixer excels in thorough mixing of heavy liquids and powders, ensuring a consistent blend every time. The innovative design allows for a removable 5-gallon steel pail that rotates around a stationary mixing paddle. This unique feature guarantees comprehensive radial and axial mixing, so every part of your materials is perfectly combined without any effort from you...

Efficiency is at the heart of this mixer. The powerful 3/4 HP air motor operates at an impressive 30 CFM at 100 PSI, with a variable speed of 0-110 RPM to accommodate various mixing needs. The included speed control and muffler offer an enhanced user experience by allowing precise speed adjustments and reducing noise, making it suitable for environments where sound is a concern...

Durability and convenience are built into the design. Weighing just 37 lbs, this robust mixer is surprisingly portable. It's also engineered to adjust to four different mixing angles, adapting to your specific requirements with ease...

For those who require specialized equipment, the mixer is also available with alternative motors. The TEFC Motor option delivers resilient performance in dusty or wet environments with its 1/2 HP, 115V, 1-Phase motor. It comes complete with an on-off switch, cord, and a 3-prong plug for immediate use. In environments where safety is paramount, the EP Motor offers an explosion-proof alternative, also at 1/2 HP and 115V, 1-Phase, including a cord without a plug for added security...

Whether you're dealing with simple mixing tasks or the challenge of blending dense materials, the Professional-Grade Mixer is the reliable choice for superior performance...

    Key Feature Points
  • High-performance 3/4 HP Air Motor for efficient mixing.
  • Adjustable mixing angles for flexible operation.
  • Quiet operation with included muffler.
  • Portable design with a weight of just 37 lbs.
  • Removable 5-gallon steel pail for easy material handling.
  • Variable speed control from 0-110 RPM to suit different mixing needs.

Additional Product Description
Elevate your mixing capabilities with the Professional-Grade Mixer, the ideal tool for anyone who needs to mix dense materials or high-viscosity fluids with precision and ease. The key to its effectiveness lies in its robust air motor and variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the mixing speed to match the requirements of your materials, resulting in a perfect consistency every time...

The mixer's ease of use is enhanced by its adjustable frame, which can be set to four different angles, ensuring that you can mix in the most ergonomically efficient way, reducing strain and improving productivity. The inclusion of a muffler not only minimizes the operational noise but also creates a safer and more pleasant working environment...

For specialists who work in challenging conditions, the availability of a TEFC Motor or an EP Motor means that no matter the setting – be it a high-moisture area or a place where flammable materials are present – you have a mixer that's up to the task. The thoughtful inclusion of these motor options demonstrates an understanding of industry-specific challenges and a commitment to providing solutions that meet a variety of needs...

    Technical Descriptions
  1. Motor Type: Air, offering cleaner operation.
  2. HP: 3/4, powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  3. RPM: 0-110, versatile for different mixing jobs.
  4. Weight: 37 lbs, for easy transport and setup.
  5. Capacity: 5-gallon pail for medium-scale batches.
  6. Additional Options: TEFC and EP motors for specialized environments.


  • Motor Type: Air, offering cleaner operation.
  • HP: 3/4, powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  • RPM: 0-110, versatile for different mixing jobs.
  • Weight: 37 lbs, for easy transport and setup.
  • Capacity: 5-gallon pail for medium-scale batches.
  • Additional Options: TEFC and EP motors for specialized environments.

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about Air Motor - 5 Gallon Pail Batch Mixer

Question: What type of motor does the Professional-Grade Mixer use? By Alex M.
Answer: It uses a robust 3/4 HP air motor.
Question: Can the mixer operate quietly? By Sara C.
Answer: Yes, it includes a muffler for quiet operation.
Question: Is the Professional-Grade Mixer portable? By Liam T.
Answer: Absolutely, it weighs only 37 lbs for easy transport.
Question: Does the mixer come with speed control? By Noah J.
Answer: Yes, it features variable speed control from 0-110 RPM.
Question: How versatile is the mixing angle? By Emma K.
Answer: It adjusts to four different mixing angles.
Question: What is the capacity of the mixing pail? By Olivia H.
Answer: It has a 5-gallon steel pail.
Question: Are there options for different motors? By Ethan G.
Answer: Yes, TEFC and EP motors are available.
Question: How is the Professional-Grade Mixer suited for labs? By Ava P.
Answer: Its precision and adjustable settings make it ideal for lab use.

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