50 lb Gamma SoftStore ™

50 lb Gamma SoftStore ™
50 lb Soft Store ™With Gamma Seal Lid is as Easy to Fill as to empty and as always all Gamma Seal Lid Products are made of strong FDA Approved plastic For all Food Items,Man or Beast.

The 50 lb size SoftStore™ Has the trade marked Gamma Seal Easy‘Spin-Off’ Plastic Lid and has great protection against water and air contamination. This Gamma Seal Lid SoftStore™ Container has a high grade nylon liner, approved by the FDA for food storage.

The handy collapsible soft side storage container also comes complete with a nylon strap for traveling so you can carry and hang it anywhere.

Although the SoftStore™ container is great for dry food storage for animals, it is a good choice for human food storage as well;such as beans, rice and various other products.

Size:20”h X 12”w X 12”d

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