14 Gallon  Plastic Drum Open-Top <br>Tapered-Side

14 Gallon Plastic Drum Open-Top

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14 Gallon Plastic Drum Open-Top Tapered-Side

Product Description:
Introducing the 14-Gallon Open-Top Tapered-Side Plastic Drum, the ideal solution for safe and efficient liquid storage and transport. This blue drum comes with a UN Rating of UN 1H2/Y100/S, indicating top-notch quality and safety compliance. Made from high-quality plastic, the drum weighs just 8 lbs, making it substantially lighter than steel drums and easier to handle. The outer dimensions stand at 14.9" diameter and 27.8" height. But what sets this drum apart are its unique features like tapered sides, which allow for nesting without airlock, lever-lock ring style locking bands, and a variety of cover styles to meet your specific needs. These drums can be handled with standard drum equipment and even have molded hand-holds for manual handling and dumping.

Best Features
  • Nestable design with tapered sides for easy storage and transport
  • Compliant with DOT/UN, UFC, NMFC, USDA, and FDA regulations
  • Lever-lock ring style locking bands for secure closure
  • Molded hand holds facilitate manual handling and dumping
  • Customizable colors and no inner liner to crack or fracture

Additional Product Description:
The 14-Gallon Open-Top Tapered-Side Plastic Drum is not just another container; it's an efficient and eco-friendly storage solution. The drum's design includes bumper guard protection, safeguarding the integrity of filled drums while making de-nesting a breeze. These drums are also reusable; they can be cleaned and reconditioned for extended use. Whether you're in the food industry, chemicals, or any other sector requiring compliant and reliable storage, this drum is the smart choice.

Technical Descriptions:
  1. UN Rating: Compliant with UN 1H2/Y100/S standards for safety
  2. Material: High-quality, rigid plastic
  3. Measurements: O.D. 14.9" x O.H. 27.8"
  4. Weight: Light 8 lbs for ease of handling
  5. Color: Available in blue and customizable colors


    • Capacity: 14 Gallons
    • Material: High-quality plastic
    • Weight: 8 lbs
    • Dimensions: O.D. 14.9" x O.H. 27.8"
    • Usage: Ideal for storage and transport of liquids

Q & A's

Questions & Answers about 14 Gallon Plastic Drum Open-Top

Question: What is the UN Rating of this drum? By Amy K.
Answer: The UN Rating is UN 1H2/Y100/S.
Question: Can these drums be nested? By Tom J.
Answer: Yes, the drums have a nestable design with tapered sides.
Question: Are there any locking features? By David L.
Answer: Yes, it comes with lever-lock ring style locking bands.
Question: Is manual handling possible? By Nancy W.
Answer: Absolutely, the drums have molded hand holds for manual handling.
Question: Can these drums be reconditioned? By Olivia S.
Answer: Yes, these drums can be cleaned and reconditioned for reuse.

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