12 ft-lb Round-Head Preset Torque Wrench

12 ft-lb Round-Head Preset Torque Wrench
  • Fits round-head 2" and 3/4" steel plugs
  • Nothing to set or adjust
  • This convenient, compact torque wrench features a handle that “slips” slightly to signal the user when the factory-present torque has been reached. Handle is color coded to the torque setting to minimize errors. Each wrench includes a certificate of torque calibration.

    Be sure to follow the drum manufacturer’s closing instructions in order to be in compliance with the container supplier's torque requirements.

    Handle Color: Green
    Torque: 12 ft.- lb
    Use With Plug/Gasket Combination: 3/4" Steel/Rubber
    Wt:2 lb.

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