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55 Gallon  Plastic Water Barrels Reconditioned  as low as $39.95
Item Number: RCWB55
1+ pieces$49.95 ea.
2 - 5 pieces$47.45 ea.
6 - 11 pieces$44.96 ea.
12 - 23 pieces$42.46 ea.
24 - 47 pieces$39.96 ea.
48 - 95 pieces$37.46 ea.
96 - 143 pieces$34.96 ea.
144 - 349 pieces$32.47 ea.
350 + pieces$29.97 ea.
Regular price:$79.95
Sale Price$49.95
You Save 38%

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55 Gallon Reconditioned Plastic Water Storage Barrel

Blue Or White Please enter zip code to see shipping costs.

Closed Top Non-Removable Top (access is thru Two 2" Bung Holes)

Optional Add-ons
Option 1- Installed Bulk-Head Fitting
Option 2- 3/4" Faucet-Foodgrade;Your choice of Sink faucet or Flow Rite Faucet


Closed Top Food Grade Softdrink or Juice  Water Storage Barrel :

All 55 Gal juice and softdrink Water Storage Barrels have been triple washed, Pressure Checked Leak Tested nearly new excellent condition. These  Water Storage Barrels  time. Nearly new condition.
High Density Polyethylene Plastic

All 55 gal Water Barrels

These Plastic 55 gallon Water Storage Barrels are the
Best Value on the Internet, Only $29.95 per Drum;Truck Load Price of 350 Drums, Plus Shipping Cost To Your Location. Call For Exact Quote. Please Note(Truck Load Pricing is based on Current Available Stock Only).
Drum should be Rinsed again prior to use.

Note: UPS has added a special handling and fuel charge to this item. You will be emailed the shipping charges. The UPS charge for shipping ranges from $24.45 to 39.75(per barrel) depending on your distance from our shipping point in Houston, TX. 4 drums or more are shipped on a pallet by truck freight at approx. 25% savings over single drum rate. If you have a alternate shipping source, You can have them call us to arrange a time for pickup.

Blue Water Barrel is Closed Top with 2-2" Bung Caps (fine thread and course thread)
Note: course thread cap has a 3/4" fine thread cut-out tap

Dimensions: 23" X 35"


Note: White Water Barrel has two 2" Course thread caps.!

Notice:Drums may have an odor and/or a residual of the product previously store in it, and should be Rinsed again prior to use.

Shipping Charges will be added to your bill and emailed to you. If you do not cancel the order the items will be Shipped in 2-3 days after your order has been processed. Please make sure your spam filter does not delete your order Notice or you will not receive this email.


Detailed Description

* Store 55 gallons of emergency water safely for 5 years when you use with Water Preserver Concentrate (sold separately) * UN 1H1/Y1.8/100 certified for use with Water Preserver Concentrate (sold separately) * Most cost effective way to store emergency water * Accessories: Water Preserver Concentrate, Siphon Pump, Bung Wrench and Tamper Evident Cap Seals (sold separately) * High molecular weight polyethtlene * 2.2 mm minimum wall thickness * FDA approved resin * Weight: 24 lbs. Height: 36 1/6". Top Diameter: 23 1/2". Bottom Diameter: 21 3/4". * This product requires higher freight quotes due to its size and packaging (Freight Class 250) * Molded top ring to facilitate handling using hoist, parrot grabber, side grabber, hand truck and fork-lift * One 2" BTS closure and one 2" inch NPT closure with 3/4" NPT insert * Accommodates both vented and non-vented plugs and/or dispensing equipment

Remove water from your barrel with optional Plastic Water Barrel Siphon Pump

Click to enlarge

Bung Wrench Hdpe Poly Low As $6.95 Ea
Bung Wrench Hdpe Poly Low As $6.95 Ea

This Poly Bung Wrench Ships For Free when purchased with a different Item; Adjusted after order is received.

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55 Gallon Plastic Water Barrels Reconditioned as low as $39.95